Beat the Clock at the Velodrome: Felt TK3

Beat The Clock at the Track :

Today was my first proper ride on my new track bike  and I was impressed how stable it was  despite a bumpy and gusty Hellyer Velodrome.  I took advantage of a 45 minute warmup session to get used to riding fixed again (haven’t ridden fixed for about 18 years) and started to feel better as the session progressed. I reckon the aero bars are a little high for pursuiting but at least I felt comfortable on them.


I skipped the 200m and went straight for the 500m TT. I was a bit slow setting off and never really hit the groove before it was all over. When I finished I discovered they had messed up the times so I had no time.


I felt a bit better on the 1k but set off too fast and suffered a bit  on the last lap.


  1. Eliot Logan…… 1:15.34
  2. Marc Gomes ….1:21.60
  3. Mark King……..1:22.95
  4. Peter Piepul…..1:30.20

This time compares to 1:22.06 I did on my Trek TTX road bike in 2009


The longer distances really seemed to suit me better and I felt pretty strong on this one but they messed up up the lap scoring and rang the bell one lap early so I got no time again 😦


This was the event that was most important to me as it represented the distance of the masters pursuit champs.  I had been feeling better as the day progressed and finally felt like I was getting used to fixed wheel by the start of this one. I concentrated on riding as smooth as possible on this event and getting nearer to the black line but it was quite blustery and this made it a challenge.  I couldnt quite master the pacing for this distance and felt like I should have gone harder with 2 laps to go, but at least I got a time for this one (4m11s). I felt like the 48×15 gearing was a bit too low but my wife said my opponent was spinning more.  I dont want to make excuses but I felt that I still have a lot of sluggishness in my legs.


  1. Eliot Logan…………..4:01.50
  2. Mark King…………….4:11.05
  3. Michael Hernandez..4:11.88
  4. Peter Tapscott………4:16.50
  5. Peter Piepul………….4:51.22
This time compares to 4:12.55 I did on my Trek TTX road bike in 2009.

Racing to a Packed Grandstand:

Looking at the Data from last years Masters 45-49 pursuit championships I am a country mile off the pace to get anywhere close to a podium. My time wouldnt have even got me in the top 6.  I could use the excuse that it was my first fixed gear session on Hellyer and that I still had double century legs but 16 seconds is a huge improvement to expect.  I am still going to have a go at the championships if only for the experience. The next Putah Creek TT will be my marker to see if I have finally shook off the Terrible Two.

Results from 2010 Masters Distric Championships :

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