Extended Commute Home : Jake The Snake CX Bike

Since riding the track on Sunday it felt really strange riding a non fixed gear bike and it took me  a long while to remember that I could stop pedalling and freewheel on my Monday commute.  I felt particularily tired on Monday and my 12 mile trip was a very sedate one.  Tuesday’s commute was a real shocker as the Bay Area was hit by heavy rain. I had planned to do some interval work but the wet weather and general feeling of lethargy knocked this idea on the head. I even fell asleep on the train on the way home which is a bit unusual.  It did thrash the last 4 miles home from the train station but it really felt like I was just grinding gears.

For Wednesday I extended my commute a bit on the way home and got off the train in Pleasanton. The winds were unusually light and the temperatures were just about perfect.  I am still suffering from a sore kneck and shoulder muscles from an injury sustained on the terrible two and my CX bike seemed to make things worse.   Despite a fairly steady ride home, heavy knobbly tyred Cross Bike and 10 pound backpack I couldnt resist having an attempt at the Holdener Park Arroyo to Marina KOM that had been recently taken from me. I didnt feel too sprightly but managed to get the KOM back by 21s 🙂

Here are the details of the ride on strava

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