TT Training On The Altamont : Trek TTX 9.5 (new p.b.)

Went out for a training session on the Trek TTX with HED 3’s today on the Altamont to practice for the State TTT champs. The winds were quite sedate for the Altamont which made it hard both ways rather than really nasty on the way home.  Although my legs still felt wooden and I couldnt seem to get my heart rate up I smashed my personal best for this loop. I forgot how hard the climbs on this course are on the way back.

Course : Altamont Pass
Bike : Trek TTX 9.5
P.B. : (Road Bike) 0h52m41s (6/30/2011) Trek TTX 9.5
P.B. (Recumbent): 54m50s (6/20/2010) Corsa SS
P.B. (Recumbent Trike) : 1h00m45s (5/15/2010) Catrike 700

Distance: 19.19 miles

MPH: Av= 21.8, Max= 38.1
BPM: Av= 154, Max= 169
Climb: 804ft

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