IC3 Club Ride : Specialized Tarmac

I rode out to Pleasanton with Sandra at a steady pace with the exception of a new KOM on the Holdener Park North to West Direction. It was just too tempting not to have a go with the light winds and cool air and no 10 pound backpack.

There was a great turnout for the WOT ride out of Pleasanton and even at 9am the heat was starting to kick in.  The pace was a bit brisker than usual and through the Tuscany loop my legs were feeling a bit sluggish.  Fortunately by the time we hit the hot spot section on Greenville my legs started to feel normal (probably the first time since the Terrible Two) and  I had a very enjoyable blast for the hot spot sprint where I tried to lead out Ted for the sprint. It felt great to finally have some sort of zip in my legs.

The winds were unusually light on the Highland section and I put in an attack on the climb which lasted for perhaps 2 miles before I was swallowed up by the lead pack that was hammering along at 30MPH+. I got my breath back by the final corner before the hot spot finish and tried to lead out Ted for the sprint again but went a little bit too early. I really enjoyed the ride and finally felt like I was getting my mojo back.

The ride back home to Livermore was really hot and in the afternoon/ evening I got really bad hay fever which spoiled the day a bit.

Strava Ride Report

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