Plans for the rest of the season

Thinking about the rest of the year…..

I have been mulling over what events I would like to ride over the next 3 months. I definitely want to start riding the Bacchetta more but business travel has severely restricted my favorite end of season doubles.

  • 07.20.11: PCSD #10 [TT]
  • 07.30.11: Mount Diablo Hillclimb [HC]
  • 08.06.11: Warnerville TT [TT]
  • 08.07.11: Patterson Pass RR [RR]
  • 08.10.11: PCSD #11 [TT]
  • 08.20.11: Beat The Clock TT [TT]
  • 08.24.11: PCSD #12 [TT]
  • 08.31.11: PCSD #13 [TT]
  • 09.14.11: PCSD #14 [TT]
  • 09.28.11: PCSD #15 – [TT] (Date subject to change)
  • 10.08.11: Bass Lake Double [DC]
  • 10.12.11: PCSD #16 [TT]
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