Cycletrons Patterson Pass Ride : Specialized Tarmac

I rode out to the Lab to meet up with the Cycletrons for the noon ride. There was a big group there but only seven of us braved the Patterson Pass loop. The ride started off fast from the beginning and by the time we hit the howling tailwind section on the Altamont I was working pretty hard. On the fast descent past the landfill, three riders  broke away  and despite the best efforts of us remaining  4 riders we couldnt bring them back. I got to within 25 feet on the rise before the golf course descent but they pulled away again. I wasnt too worried  and expected we would regroup on Grantline but the three riders kept the hammer down.  This was a new Personal best for me on the Altamont Pass West to East Direction.

I chased pretty hard on Midway into a nasty crosswind on my own and got within 25ft of the three leaders at the top of the climb but they pulled away big time on the descent.  Once we hit the Patterson Climb I realized the headwind was absolutely brutal and I  had no chance of pulling back the three riders. I slogged into the wind and was eventually joined by another rider who unfortunately dropped back when the going got steep.

The climb up Patterson was close to the hardest I have ever encountered and it is no wonder so few riders chose this route today (apparently it was the same on Monday’s ride).  Normally the ride regroups at the top of Patterson but not today. The wind was absolutely howling at the top.

I rode alone back down the descent into Livermore fighting an absolute stonking headwind. It was probably my slowest descent of the pass ever. Not a particularily fun ride today at all.

Strava Ride Report

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