Great Balls of Fire : Diablo on the Tarmac

I have used Chamois Butt’r for years and I have always been really happy with its performance (especially for double centuries). My wife accidentally purchased the “Eurostyle” formula instead of the regular and I was in for a surprise when I applied it before today’s ride.   For some bizarre reason they have mixed some embrocation in with the formula and the result is “Great balls Of Fire”.  Once the burning wears off I have to say this new mix works even better.

I cycled out to Blackhawk to meet a few Team Fremont friends to do an assault of Diablo with my wife. The ride out to Blackhawk was just as nasty as Saturday and it was both cool and very windy. The idea was to ride up the South gate and then to drop down to the North Gate to practice the Diablo TT course.  I was a bit tired from Yesterday’s HOP ride  so my plan was to have a steady ride. One of the riders who is of climbing build and over 30 pounds lighter than I am attacked from the Athenian school but I didn’t chase….at first.

Once we got through the horrendously bumpy section my will broke and I set off in pursuit of the climber. I managed to catch him just after the small downhill and we rode together for a while but he out sprinted me to the ranger station. I set a personal best on the  South Gate to Ranger Station Strava Segment.

The North Gate climb (Diablo TT Course)  proved to be more difficult for me and I couldn’t hang with the climber when the going got steep.  My legs felt really tired and my time for climb was a couple of minutes down on the last time I rode it back in 2008. I had a few doubts about being able to do this race in two weeks time. I am not really a climbers build but it is a fun event so I am going to ride it anyways.

After a steady but scary descent (crazy drivers) we stopped off for a Starbucks in Blackhawk for some sustenance. The ride home was hot and we had a very nice tailwind. It was a fun but tiring ride.

Strava ride data.

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