PCSD#10 : Trek TTX 9.5 (22m34s)

I thought that this event was going to be cancelled but was surprised to find out on the morning that it was still going ahead. It was another really hot night but fortunately not as hot as two weeks ago. I felt pretty good on the warmup and used the same tactics of not having my aero helmet on to keep the core cool.  I think I went a little too hard and ended up a bit tired and overheated so I had a long drink and attempted to prepare myself for the TT itself.

Apart from the first mile it felt like a headwind all round. I set off pretty hard and felt good until mile 2 to 3 where I had an inexplicable bad patch (might of been headwind related). I managed to recover a bit after the turn and with 3 miles to go I got caught by another rider. This gave me the incentive to bury myself and try to keep a good pace to the finish.  The last mile was a horrendous head/crosswind (not that strong unless you are trying to ride 28MPH+). I ended up beating PCSD#9’s time by 20 seconds.  I think if I hadn’t had the bad patch I might have done a p.b. My position was 12th out of 56 riders (22m34s)

There is too much time below the magic 27MPH line for me to achieve my season goal on PCSD#10.

Comparison of effort between my Putah Creek P.b. and PCSD#10.  From the pulse trace it does look as if #10 was a harder night.

Speed trace reveals the difficult middle section and last 2 miles that lost me 20 seconds.

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