Roasting On Patterson Pass : Specialized Tarmac

I decided to join the Cycletrons noon ride for the Patterson Pass ride.  With the Patterson Pass Road race happening  in a couple of weeks time, the size of the group was impressive and certainly the biggest I have seen on a Thursday for a long while. The winds were much lighter than last week and this helped to make things feel much hotter.

The pace out along Greenville and the Altamont was brisk but a lot steadier than last week and the large group stayed together. Things hotted up (literally) on the Midway climb and I had a little surge to test my legs but payed for it a bit over the summit.  I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable with the heat and I could feel a bit of last nights TT in my legs.

Once we turned onto the Patterson Pass climb the wind was almost unnoticeable and the heat really started to kick in. I felt OK on the first section and hung onto the lead group but on the first steep bit the heat really started to hit me.  At this point I sort of went into survival mode.  On the second steep hump I really began to feel bad and dropped off the back of the lead 4 riders. I ended up riding 2-3 gears lower than I normally use for the rest of the climb and crested in 5th place feeling like I had just been overcooked.

I dont think I have felt so badly impacted by the heat since the 110 degree  Davis Double. The descent down the otherside was pretty refreshing but I didnt really feel OK until I got home and had a long cold shower.  My arm coolers definitely did not work today.

Strava Ride Report

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