2 Rides on a Windy Sunday : Tarmac and Bacchetta

Ride 1 :

I met up with Bas, Sandra and Bill for a quick blast round the Patterson Pass Road race course on a typical windy morning. The tailwind on the Altamont was awesome and I ran out of gears as we exceeded 46MPH for most of the course. On the section past the golf course we exceeded 50MPH. On one of the uphills I was spinning out at 40MPH +. I managed my second fastest time ever on the Altamont east to West (since joining Strava) and this included a slow down to allow a regroup.

Midway was pretty hard due to a strong crosswind and Patterson Pass itself was a challenge. Although the wind wasn’t too bad on the lower slopes it became wild once we hit the final push to the top. I was really glad to have a wheel to follow on this section. The descent down the other side was pretty blustery and certainly blew the cobwebs out.

I was determined to get a personal best on the Flynn climb especially as I had a really good climber along with me. There was a nice tailwind so I set a fast tempo all the way up and even managed to push really hard on the steep section.  I must have been going well as my climbing buddy never came round me. I was rewarded with a new personal best on the Flynn climb.  I am still a whopping 1m44s off the KOM for this climb which certainly brings you down to earth.

Strava Ride Report

Ride 2:

I am planning on riding the Bass Lake Double Century later in the year on my Bacchetta so I am trying to fit in riding it with my road bike training. I decided to go out for a bit of a recumbent spin in the afternoon just for fun. My legs were tired from the mornings ride  and it was really windy but I had a comfy seat to lay back on so it didn’t matter. I actually felt ok on the flat but absolutely crawled up the hills. I have a long way to go to get my “bent legs back” especially for climbing which the Bass lake has a lot of.  I felt extremely hot and tired over the last two miles and I regretted going out in the peak heat but I enjoyed myself and that is all that matters.

Strava Ride Report

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