Diablo TT Practise : Specialized Tarmac

I got up early this morning to ride the Diablo TT course. As I parked in Blackhawk I had to ride over the South Gate climb to get to the North Gate climb. The weather was quite cool at first but it soon warmed up. It was quite strange climbing Diablo with no traffic or other cyclists.  I only saw a couple of cars and perhaps 6 cyclists all day. I rode pretty steady up until the North gate Pay station where the TT begins,

It was a pretty strong headwind on the first 1.5 miles and this definitely hurts both your time and your legs. I pushed hard on the climb trying to figure out just where to go hard and where you could get a little bit of recovery. I was close to race pace.  I actually beat my 2008 race time in by a few seconds but I was a little disappointed that my time wasn’t  under 30 minutes. I am climbing much better than I was in 2008 and probably have my best climbing form in 15 years so I expected to be a couple of minutes faster than 2008. I suspect I am a little fatigued so I am going to try to knock back on the training for the rest of the week.

Diablo TT Strava Segment

It was a nice ride but it left me feeling pretty tired at work for the rest of the day.

Ride Out

Ride Back

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