Monster Cross Rubber Trouble

I found my Masi Monster Cross had been feeling like it was dragging on my commute for the last few weeks. I checked the tire pressures this morning and was shocked to see I was running at 40psi rather than a more typical 70psi. No wonder it felt like it was dragging. The funny thing was it didn’t really feel as if the tires were soft just that the bike was sluggish. I checked on the Max pressure for the Panarcer Fire Cross’s and saw that they could handle 85psi.  I pumped them up to 80 and was really happy with the performance on my morning commute.

On my ride home something didn’t feel quite right with the back tire. After getting changed I went to put the bike away and noticed the back wheel wouldn’t turn and it was catching the frame. At first I thought I had broke a spoke but I was unable to find anything wrong with the wheel. It was then that I noticed that the casing of the tire had deformed dramatically.

I was a little unhappy with this turn of events as I had less than 500 miles on this tire. For a replacement I decided to go with a more road biased rubber that will certainly make my commute a little quicker. I decided to go for 38c Schwalbe Marathon racers.  I had originally planned to fit a set of them in October for the winter commute but the demise of the Fire Cross brought things forward. The bike definitely doesn’t look as good with these tires but I have a lot more fender clearance for winter.

Before :


Monster Cross Mode:

Commute Mode


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