Mount Diablo TT : 6th Place : Specialized Tarmac

Nerves got me really bad for this event on in the morning I had a really upset stomach, sore throat and blocked nose. The sore throat was just a result of my blocked nose and felt fine after a light breakfast but my stomach was churning away like a concrete mixer. I sorted out the block nose with a Nasal strip and hoped several visits to the bathroom would fix the other problem. I felt pretty rough warming up on the trainer but as soon as I hit the road to the start ramp my stomach cramps went away and I felt ready to race.

The wind was pretty hard for the first 1.5 miles and I really struggled to get a good rhythm. By the time I hit the steeper part of the climb my legs were already hurting and my breathing a bit labored. I ignored the   pain and just concentrated on suffering through the hard bit around the 1000ft marker.  Every time the gradient let up I tried to shift up the gears to keep the effort constant but I hit a very bad patch around mile 4. I fought my way through the bad patch and basically hammered myself over the last 2 miles. I managed to catch someone about 400m from the finish but was unable to muster up any sort of a sprint.

It was a really hard event but I was very happy to see I managed to break 30 minutes and set a new personal best for the climb. My time was 29m47s which was good enough for 6th place in the Masters xx. I was only about a minute down on the winner in my category.

Strava Ride Report

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