IC3 Ride On My Recumbent : Bacchetta Corsa SS

In my efforts to get my “Bent Legs” back I decided to ride my clubs 7am hammerfest on the Bacchetta. My club has a very heavy road bias and to my knowldege I am the only one to ever do the ride on a recumbent. I was greeted by incredulous looks and tons of questions. I was definitely the freak for this ride but I thought I could raise a few eyebrows on the flatter sections.
I was pretty comfortable for the early miles and I rode off the front on one downhill just for a bit of a laugh. It wasnt a serious attack but I was suprised what a gap I could get. it didnt take long for the pack to chase me down though.  I ended up sitting on the back for the next section but found the fast pace no problem.

The middle section of the ride includes the Collier Canyon climb and this was the section I was most worried about. I was going well on the lower slopes where the gradient was less than 6%. I even hammered on the front for a while just before the steepest section and absolutely buried myself to hang on when we hit it.  I hung on until the final 500m to the Windmill sprint before I went bang and simply couldnt up my pace. I ended up about 5-10 seconds down on the leaders a broken man but I couldnt have gone any faster with my current bent legs.

I planned my revenge on the next hot spot sprint and attacked hard on a 2% downgrade and got a really good gap (was doing 33MPH into a headwind). Unfortunately there is a small climb just before the final run in to the sprint and I got caught and swallowed up and missed another sprint. There was a really hard charge by the CAT1 and 2 riders in the group who were determined not to let a recumbent win.

The final run in to home was flat and windy so I sat on the front at 30MPH for a few miles until the attacks started happening. I managed to keep with the lead group despite having difficulty adjusting to the changes of speed.  I put in the final mother of all attacks on a 2% down grade and screamed off at 40MPH for as long as I could but only stayed off the front for about a 3/4 mile. The fast guys in my team were absolutely hammering at this point and I was happy just to hang on. 

I know I am going to pay dearly for going so hard with so few bent miles in my legs but I really enjoyed the ride. My legs were very sore afterwards. I might ride it again on another Sunday on my Bacchetta but I would rather wait until I  got my old form back.

Strava Ride Report

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