S/S Cross Bike on The Alviso Slough : Masi Monster Cross

It was my first ride on the Levies since changing the Masi Monster Cross to a road tire. I have noticed a big reduction in perceived effort on my commutes since making the change and an unbelievable improvement in cornering. I was a bit worried that the lack of tread would makes things a bit sketchy on the dirt roads but it felt fine for most of the loop. The only areas where the new rubber made itself noticed was on sandy turns where the bike slid around a lot and on the bumpier bits where the narrow profile really didn’t get rid of the trail shock as well.  Even on gravel the new rubber did feel faster but the change from a heavily treaded 45 section to a 35 section has meant a noticeable drop in top end cruising speed. The rolling radius previously was 37cm and is now 35cm which gives a circumference of 232.5cm and 219.9cm respectively.  So for the same pedal revs I would be doing 20MPH with the old Tires and 18.9MPH with the new.

I felt a little under geared for the entire loop today which had a lighter wind than usual and it was a struggle to even keep 20MPH up for extended periods of time. I think this hurt my average speed. I managed a pb for the Masi on the Alviso Slough loop with 27m47s (18,6MPH).  My third best time overall.

Strava Ride Report

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