Warnerville TT : 4th Place Masters 45+ 4/5 : Trek TTX

I had to get up at 5:30am this morning to drive out to Warnerville. For the second Saturday in a row I woke up with an upset stomach. It must either be something I am eating on Friday or nerves. I am not sure which but it certainly makes me lighter for the climbs. The drive up to Warnerville was horrendous as it was into the rising sun. About 30 minutes into the drive I got a nasty migraine which is a very rare occurrence for me but no less upsetting.   When we got there I had a 15 minute sleep and then warmed up on the trainer wearing a big floppy hat with my eyes closed.

This rest at least seemed to restore my vision and the headache wasn’t so bad so at least I was ready to race. The race itself was on a really hard course. It was rough, undulating and windy and I found it very hard to get into a good rhythm.   Some of the bumps especially the railroad and bridge crossings were so rough that I was really worried about my wheels.  I had a little off road excursion on one 90 degree turn after hitting a couple of nasty bumps mid corner which upset my pace even more. I didn’t catch anyone or get caught so it was a pretty lonely and mentally exhausting ride.

I ended up with a 4th place (12 seconds off the podium) which I was pleased with but this is definitely a course that needs some familiarity with to get a good time. I would also choose some wider profile tires for the next time I ride it.

Strava Ride report

My Wife warming Up on the couurse

The course was absolutely Infested with grasshoppers that made things very crunchy under tire.

Another hanger on



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