Noon Ride on the Alviso Slough Trail : S Works Mountain Bike.

Since the weekend races I have felt really tired and yesterdays commute was a chore rather than a pleasure.  I had planned to do some TT bike training  on Tuesday  night but after waking up still feeling a bit run down I decided a to break out the mountain bike instead for a blast on the levees. 

I started off pretty hard on the Alviso Slough Loop into the normal moderate head/cross wind and immediately felt a little flat. The more the ride progressed the slower I felt and in the end I knew there was not going to be any records set today.  The wind never really seemed to materialize into a tailwind and it was pretty darn hot out there. I was really tired by the time I got back to work and managed to get my 3rd best time for the loop as shown in the table below.


Strava Data

On the Levies I was pondering why I felt in such a bad way physically on Saturday and seemed to be recovering very slowly this week. A work mate suggested it was my biorhythms. I don’t really believe in Biorhythms but when I checked mine I was gobsmacked to see everything was at a low for Saturday. Perhaps there is something in it after all.

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