PCSD #11 : 22m21s : Bacchetta Corsa SS p.b.

After the weekend I felt all raced out so rather than continue on my Quest for the 27MPH Putah Creek TT on the Trek TTX I dusted off the Bacchetta Corsa for PCSD#11.  I fitted the rear disk cover and lubed the chain and the beast was ready to go. It was a bit cooler on the Creek tonight (only in the mid nineties) but it still felt really hot and the wind was making itself known.

My warmup was a strange affair where I couldn’t seem to get my heartrate up and the wind made it feel hard in both directions. I sensed that it was slightly quicker on the way out and that the last 2 miles were horrible but the Bacchetta felt so sluggish that I  stopped to make sure my brake wasnt rubbing.  I discussed the conditions with a fellow recumbent buddy and he pointed out that with such a strong cross wind things might feel easier the faster you go.

I felt great for the race itself  and seemed to pace myself perfectly as even though I was suffering I never overstretched myself. The wind was hard but once you got above 25MPH it was not as bad as it felt during the warmup. I concentrated on chasing down the riders in front of me but it was not an easy task. I got caught by a Specialized rider just before the turn which gave me more determination to suffer into the nasty headwind back. The 90 degree turn was a bit dicy due to gravel but I took some risks to keep up my momentum and managed to catch and pass 3 people on the return leg. I have complained before that the Corsa has an odd gearing for me on this course and 7th feels too low and at times 8th feels too high. The last two miles into the wind were really to hard for 8th but I dug deep to try to keep the gear rolling.

I finished tired but strong with a new recumbent p.b. of 22m21s . This was only a handful of seconds away from my all time PCSD p.b. I think I could have cracked 27MPH if I had been riding the Trek tonight but the times between bent and TT bike are very close for me. My final position was 15th  out of 66 and the winning time was Chris Lyman with a 20m24s.

Speed/Pulse (Compared to my Previous Recumbent p.b.)

I managed to keep up above 27MPH for a good portion of the race tonight with the only significant drops being the 3 turns, the headwind stretch at 5.5miles  and the section around 9 miles. There isnt much I can do about the turns as I already took some risks on the two 90’s and the 180. I think I should have pushed harder between miles 2 and 3 but on the way out I couldnt see my Garmin due to the sun.

Pulse (Compared to my Previous Recumbent p.b.):

From the above pulse it looks like I really didnt put much effort in compared to my previous p.b. but I was really trying hard. Perhaps I am still suffering from fatigue but it definitely looks like I didnt push anywhere near hard enough for the first 3 miles. I felt great out there so the pulse tace is a little puzzling.

Speed (Compared to my Previous Recumbent p.b.)

It is easy to see from this graph where I mad time up from my previous p.b. and the only place where last time was quicker was the last mile.

A video of the turn

Putah Creek Personal Bests:

Strava Report

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