Ride out to Del Valle on the Recumbent : Bacchetta Corsa SS

I was supposed to be going out on the 7am IC3 ride out of Pleasanton but didn’t wake up until 8am. This only left me with a couple of hours to play with so I decided to get some training in on my recumbent for Wednesday’s Putah Creek 25 mile TT. I decided I also needed some hill work so I headed out to Del Valle.

I went pretty steady until mines road where I rode the  “Tesla to Del Valle Split” at Time Trial Pace. There was a nagging crosswind all the way along here and I never really seemed to get into a groove. I was about 30 seconds off my best but felt slower.

The climb up Del Valle hill was absolutely roasting hot but didn’t feel too bad considering how slow I seem to be climbing on the Bacchetta at the moment.  My time was around 2m25s slower that my road bike time for the  same climb. The drop down into the park was windy and very refreshing and I rode back up the hill at a steady pace having to resort to the granny ring.

There is an interesting Strava segment “Del Valle (Mines Rd Split-Summit-Guard House-Summit-Mines Rd Split)” that includes both sides of the climb.  I am definitely going to have a serious attempt at this segment in the future but my time today included a couple of minutes stop time to take a picture so was pretty slow. I think this is an interesting segment for a recumbent as it includes two very fast down hills and two long climbs (will the recumbent’s down hilling prowess offset the slow climb.

I went back into time trial mode for the “Mines to Tesla TT” but hit a really strong headwind on the way back which stopped me getting a p.b. I was about 10 seconds of my best pace for this TT segment.

All in all it was a hot but fun ride and I am starting to get my bent legs back. Just a hair under 2000 feet of climbing too so I hope my climbing legs are making a welcome comeback.

Strava Ride Report

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