Putah Creek 40k : Bacchetta Corsa

This was my first 25 mile Time Trial since the early 90’s. The last one I rode was on the rather busy and fast A1 in Northern England and I did a personal best of 56m41s. I still remember that night as I caught the famous Berryl Burton and felt bad passing her (she was in her twilight years).

The Putah Creek 40k is basically the 10 course extended by 1.2 miles and ridden twice. This means that you have 3 narrow 180 degree turns to deal with and 4 slow 90 degree bends.  All these turns have a negative impact on your average speed and make this a pretty slow course.

I went for my usual warm up but this time I extended it to the 40k turn. The night felt about the same as every other Putah creek in the summer with hot temps and a strong wind. On the way back I realized that I was running short of time and that my wife, that I had left behind on the course,  had the car keys. I did a quick u turn to get the keys from her and had to sprint to the car to get my aero helmet. On the way there my other fellow recumbent buddy Rich was fixing a flat so he was definitely going to be a late starter. I didn’t have time for my usual recovery drink and gel blocks and got to the start with only 30 seconds to spare. Thank goodness I had a bottle on the bike.

I rode the first 20K at pretty much 95% 10 mile pace and had no issues with the turns. The last 2 miles before the turn had a nasty headwind as usual but over the first 20k I still managed to catch 3 people. On the return leg I started to suffer a bit and my average speed dropped. I really had to concentrate to keep my average over 25MPH as I was determined to beat the hour. On my second loop I made a complete pigs ear of the turn and couldn’t get my foot clipped back in and I also got cramp in my toes when trying to do so. I know I lost a fair chunk of time here but it really motivated me to try harder on the return leg. With about 3 miles to go I was caught and passed by Kevin Metcalfe and this gave me further incentive to hammer to the finish. The last 2 miles were horrible.

I finished in a time of 57m28s which I was pleased with but I was really tired at the end. I really struggled to get my pulse rate up again tonight.

Two recumbents in the top 10 :

7 Mark King 46 0:28:34 0:57:28 25.95
8 Rich Putich 45 0:29:10 0:58:38 25.43


Strava ride Report

Some pictures taken by my good lady wife:



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