Beat The Clock ITT (Canada Rd) : Bacchetta Corsa

I had two main goals for the ITT today. The first one was not to be caught by the other recumbent that was starting 1 minute behind me and  the second was to beat Phil Plath’s unfaired recumbent record.  Tim Woudenberg’s time was set on a fully faired recumbent and is completely out of touch but I thought I might have a chance at Phil’s time.  Although my best time on Canada road on the Bacchetta was only 25m25s I have been going pretty well recently and hoped I could smash that time but didnt really believe I could.

Records :

1.  21m06s : Timothy Woudenberg 8/20/2005
2.  23m46s : Phil Plath 3/20/2010
3.  24m33s : James Kern 8/20/2005

It was pretty cold on the warm up which gave me a bit of congestion but I used a nose strip to clear my pipes.  I wouldn’t say I felt amazing warming up but I didn’t feel bad either.

I have never felt good on this course and I have always been really disappointed with my results. I reckoned it might be because I start too hard and end up having a real bad time on the uphill bit at the end. I deliberately held back on the first mile but still ended up running out of gears.  The threat of Rich catching me from behind really focused my efforts into going hard and I felt pretty good.  Despite not starting too hard I still really struggled on the little climb before the turn and still feel this is the hardest bit on the course.

The way back felt like it was an eternity but I managed to keep a reasonable pace on the climbs and kept my average speed up. The TT felt really hard but controlled and my pulse was down on my normal race pace yet again.  I don’t know how relevant my heart rate is to my actual effort because I managed to  smash my personal best with 23m28s :). Starting off a bit steadier certainly helped.

I managed to get 7th overall which made me very happy

Link to results


Comparison of My Pulse with my Previous Personal best :

Speed Comparison with Previous Personal Best:

Strava Ride Report

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