PCSD#12 on Catrike 700 Recumbent Trike

It was another really hot night at Putah Creek with the car thermometer indicating close to 100 degrees in the shade. I think that  being so close to the ground made it feel even warmer on the trike. On the warm up it became clear that the wind was different tonight and there was a strong headwind at the start that made it difficult to even get above 20MPH.  The trike felt very slow compared to my TT bike and Bacchetta but it was rolling nicely since I fixed the alignment. The return leg of the course had a tailwind but it didn’t seem to really make that much difference on the trike.

The race itself went well and was an absolute grind out to the turn. I couldn’t really see my speed due to the sun in my eyes but according to my Garmin data I was hovering between 20-23MPH. I could see a couple riders in front of me and really concentrated hard on trying to catch them. I didn’t need to back off much on the 90 degree turn on the way out and the gravel didn’t faze me at all.  The 180 turn went without drama although the trike’s turning circle is almost exactly the same as the width of the road.

I was hoping for a nice tailwind back but I really didn’t feel much benefit. I was struggling to top 27MPH but I still managed to reel in a few riders. I got passed by one of the Team Specialized riders like I was stopped (he must have  been doing 33MPH plus) with about 3 to go which gave me a little extra motivation to hammer to the finish.

I managed to do a personal best on the trike  despite what I considered to be a really hard night and the fact that I was still suffering from a chest infection. My time was 25:03s.  I have a new goal for the Trike to crack 25 minutes.

Strava Ride Report

PCSD Personal Bests

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