Brushy Peak on the Mountain Bike : S Works Hard Tail

I didn’t have a lot of time to go riding this morning and my lungs were feeling a bit rough. Last night’s Putah Creek certainly didn’t help my chest infection. I headed out for an hour on my mountain bike on Brushy peak.  Although my breathing wasn’t very good  my legs actually felt great and I ended up getting 4 KOM’s on Strava and personal bests too.  Brushy Peak was shrouded in low cloud but it was very warm and I was sweating like a pig on the main climb.  My glasses steamed up so badly that I could barely see where I was going.  It felt really good to be out on the trails in the early morning cloud without the hint of another human being.

My old S Works hard tail is a fast bike but I can’t help feeling my old bones would be happier on something with full suspension and disk brakes.  I don’t do enough mountain biking to justify that though.

Strava Ride Report

I am 50/50 on riding Saturday’s Ebbets Pass Century. Although my legs felt great today I am a little concerned with my lungs especially as the event is at altitude. I will see how I feel on Friday

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