TT Bike Training and Crosswinds : Trek TTX

I had my first attempt on my new XWIND TT course tonight. Its a bit of a rush trying to fit it in after work and before dark but at least the temperature was nice. The unfortunate thing with this course is the reason it has the name it does. It has brutal crosswinds for the first and last 2.5 miles. Tonight was particularly bad and the first mile through the trees was incredibly difficult to ride with a HED3 front wheel. I got blown about so bad that I was forced off the aero bars and even off them was forced to back off a bit. 1 mile into the TT I seriously considered abandoning but around mile 2 the wind became more manageable.

At mile 2.5 the course turns up hill and into the wind and this bit really hurts. It is a real slog up to the turn and the last 3/4 mile also has serious road degradation. By the time I got to the turn I was shattered. The return leg down hill is a bit too bumpy for me to feel comfortable on the aero bars but is definitely fast. Fortunately the wind had dropped a bit for the last 2.5 miles crosswind section and I finally managed to get into some sort of rhythm.

My chest infection finally seems to have cleared up but I was strangely experiencing some twinges of cramp (probably a bit dehydrated after rushing home from work). The Crosswind TT is a horrible 10 mile TT course but I suppose it mixes in all aspects of  TT’s you find locally.

My time was a rather disappointing 25m07s.

Strava is totally broken with respect to out and back courses and it doesn’t check the distance a rider posts. This means if someone turned round at 4 miles rather than 5 it would still allow the time. The fastest times currently recorded on strava do not actually reflect the real course.

Strava Data

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