Altamont Pass on the Bacchetta *New P.B*

After two hard days I suppose today should have been an easy day but I have a whole week off next week  so I decided to ride the Altamont Pass on the Bacchetta. The Altamont pass is always a wind tunnel and even though the winds were light when I set off I knew it would be a different story on the pass. Today was very unusual in that the wind was strong but kept changing direction. On the way out to the turn I encountered headwinds (sometimes very strong) and tailwinds. The way back was a similar story. My legs felt totally shot on the climbs but I still managed a recumbent personal best on this course.

I will be back on the road bike tomorrow for the “Wheels of Thunder” ride and I hope all this swapping between recumbent and regular bike doesn’t have negative effects.

Strava Ride Report

Strava reports one of the segments as the Altamont TTT. Although my route did cover this course I turn round at Grant line road and not at the bridge and as such my course is a couple of minutes longer.

Course : Altamont Pass
Bike : Trek TTX 9.5
P.B. : (Road Bike) 0h52m41s (6/30/2011) Trek TTX 9.5
P.B. (Recumbent): 53m35s (9/2/2011) Bacchetta Corsa SS
P.B. (Recumbent Trike) : 1h00m45s (5/15/2010) Catrike 700

Distance: 19.18 miles

MPH: Av= 21.3, Max= 40.9
BPM: Av= 138, Max= 161
Climb: 757ft

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