House of pain : Lemond Ti

I rode out to Danville this morning to do the HOP ride. I set off a bit late so had to push pretty hard. Considering I hit most of the Tassajara traffic lights on red  I still managed to average over 20MPH and got there with time to spare. There was a good turnout and a lot of fast legs including many CAT 1’s and even a pro.

The ride set off pretty fast and kept a constant high speed without the usual big surges.  My legs didn’t feel good and I was basically just hanging on for the entire ride. I didn’t feel in danger of being dropped but I didn’t find my way near the front very much either. Highland road was a continuous hard pace and I actually set a personal record (5th Overall) which shows how fast the ride was.

Collier was fast and my legs started to feel like they were going to cramp above the knee at the front of my thigh.  Getting out of the saddle wasn’t a very comfortable option. I am convinced that my sluggish legs and muscle issues were a result of almost an entire week of recumbent riding.  I still crested Collier with the group but my legs were pretty much toasted. I actually did a personal record on the Collier Climb which was good enough for 9th overall.

I rode back home to Livermore at a steady pace trying to see if I could spin a little life back into my aching limbs.

Strava Ride Report

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