Patterson Pass Loop : Catrike 700

In a mad impulsive gesture yesterday I entered Low Key Hill climb #1 for this Saturday and whats even madder is that I entered it as a recumbent trike.  I definitely needed to get some climbing practice in on the trike  and also needed to exorcise my recumbent climbing demons from last saturdays ride so I chose Patterson Pass for my ride today.

We are having a bit of a heatwave at the moment that feels much hotter than it really is because of the unusually high humidity and lack of wind.  Riding the Altamont pass with hardly any wind was a very strange experience and I felt kind of mellow on the trike so I didnt push things too hard. The climb up Midway felt great but the heat was already starting to kick in.  I was experimenting with running lower tire pressures on the trike and this definitely paid dividends on this bumpy section of road and didnt seem to slow my climbing any.

On the Patterson climb itself the lack of serious wind made  the heat seem even worse and it became stifling by the time I hit the first steep section.

I got round the steep curve in second from bottom gear and still felt pretty good although I knew the worse was to come. The second steep section felt pretty good at first but by the last 100m I was down into 2nd gear again and fighting the burn in my legs.

The last steep part of the climb was totally wind free and I managed to keep up a good pace and made it to the top without incident.  My cadence became quite labored over the last 100m and my legs were hurting but the trike ran flawlessly.

The view from the top wasnt very nice today as the air was pretty muggy and dusty. There was almost no wind at the top of Patterson Pass which was a condition I  have never encountered before (normally it is gale force).

The descent back down to Livermore was very refreshing and I took it pretty steady. There are some nasty off cambers and a very prominent crown that you only really notice on the trike.

It was a really enjoyable ride today and one that re-cemented my relationship with my Catrike 700. I need to start riding it more.

Strava Ride report

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