IC3 7AM Ride : Catrike 700

In an increasingly regular moment of madness I decided to ride the Sunday morning hammerfest on my recumbent trike. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up, but deep down I thought I might just be able to hang on.  There was a group of about 15 guys this morning and one gal.

The pace started up pretty brisk but I managed to hang on on the first time over the Tuscany loop although I wasn’t in the lead group.  It really hurt trying to hang on the short climbs but the downhill bit was a blast.  The next section on the road towards Wente was very fast and I barely held on. I had to jump round a few people that were dropped and bridging the gap to the group was very hard.

The break point for me  was on Tuscany West to East . I actually managed to hang on the first part of the climb but on the second hump I lost contact and despite my best efforts the group was gone for the day. I think I am pretty quick on the 700 but there is only so much a 34 pound trike can do against DF racers. My time was over a minute slower than my fastest on my DF. I think the team was paying me back for attacking so much yesterday 🙂

Strava Ride Report


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