Rainy Season Is Here

This week saw the first rains of the season which meant it was time to dust off the rain bike. At least it means the bike car on the train wont be standing room only.

With the rain has come a bit of apathy in my training and thoughts are turning towards next season. Next year I plan on going back  to a more balanced program with more endurance events and more time on the recumbents.  I would like to actually complete the California triple crown stage race in 2012 and I also want to ride a double on my trike again. The last time I rode a double on the Catrike (Death valley Fall 200) I vowed never to do it again but that was a few years ago and the mind dulls the memory of pain.

 I have this insane idea that I would like to do the DMD on the trike and I am already working on ways to make the Catrike 700 more comfortable for doubles. I toyed with the idea of getting an Ice Vortex FS trike instead of the Catrike 700 but I couldn’t bring myself to blow 5K on a heavier and potentially slower machine. I am planning some upgrades on the 700 which should hopefully help the process but there is one element I just cant fix. My Catrike 700 simply won’t fit in our Honda Fit so I am restricted to local events only. The ICE trike would have fixed that problem.

DMD on the trike is a scary proposition and there are a couple of areas that concern me.

  • Marsh Creek Road :  This road is narrow, very bumpy and has aggressive pickup drivers.
  • Morgan Territories Climb : I have never attempted this climb on the Catrike but it is extremely rough and has some pretty steep sections that often have loose gravel. I think this is doable.
  • The backside of the Mount Hamilton climb : The section between the junction café and the base of the Hamilton climb is really nasty in terms of road surface. Even on a carbon road bike this section saps your strength. On a trike this may be a breaking point.
  • Sierra Road : I am not sure I can even get up this monster hill on my trike. The whole escapade hinges on a trial run up this beast.
  • Niles canyon : Niles canyon between Sunol and the Palomares climb is a very dangerous bit of road on a two wheeler.  I am going to have to make sure I get in a small group for this one.
  • San Ramon/ Norris : These busy and quite narrow roads will be in the dark and this is a scary proposition.  I need to make sure I have really strong lights on this section.

Unfortunately I also had to miss the 2nd to last Putah Creek this evening. I was stuck in an audit at work but with the weather we are having I probably would not have ridden  it anyways. Olive oil and rain makes for a scary surface.

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