Low Key Hill Climb #2 – Sierra Road : Catrike 700

I decided to have an extended warm up for the Sierra Road hill climb so I parked up in Sunol and rode there via an extremely pleasant 20 mile route past Calaveras reservoir.  There was a fair bit of climbing and it was pretty cold in the shade but the scenery and twisty roads more than made up for it.  Calaveras road was virtually deserted and about the only creature I saw stirring was the occasional curious deer. By the time I got to registration I was in a really happy frame of mind and well warmed up.

Warmup Ride on Strava

Me at the start

There was a full field for the race and I decided to start at the back so I wouldn’t get in the way of the faster riders. The first 500 meters was chaos and I felt very claustrophobic  and boxed in but the field soon split up.

I ended up pulling way into a small group of riders and we played cat and mouse for the rest of the climb. I dropped back on the really steep bits and then caught them up again when the gradient let up.  On a few sections I had to resort to first gear and I encountered traction problems  when I did.  I found if I didn’t concentrate on pedaling as smoothly as possible the rear tire would just spin even on clean tarmac. Some of the steeper corners had dirt that had run off from recent rains and traction was pretty difficult for me. I reckon 100psi in the rear was a little too high for this event.   I felt pretty good all the way up although the heat really started getting to me near the top and with about 1/2 mile to go I got a really bad stitch and lost the group of 3 riders with me.  Fortunately the stitch cleared with 200m to go and I managed to get one of them back.

I didn’t finish last which in my mind was a great victory for trikedom and I really enjoyed the event. It was amazing how hot I was at the top but how Quickly I cooled down.  There was a great spirit of camaraderie at the top as everyone exchanged stories of suffering and the organizers fed everyone with bananas.

Position : 92nd (Time : 33m51 Seconds)

Link to results

Strava Ride Report

Me At the Finish:

My cool down ride followed the Devil Mountain Double course back down over Felter and back over Calaveras. This is another section in the bag for my DMD trike plans. The descent of Felter is pretty bumpy and dangerous and  I didn’t push it at all on the trike. It was fun blasting down it at about 6/10th pace dodging deer and tarantulas  and enjoying the great views. The climb up the Calaveras Wall was nasty but Calaveras road itself was an absolute blast especially as I got in with a small group who were hammering along at a good pace. I did a great impromptu two up time trial on the last section of Calaveras which was great  fun.

Riding my trike was an absolute blast today.

Strava Ride report for the Ride Home.

Some More Pictures:

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