Glorious Mountain Biking on Brushy peak

I love fall in California. The air has a certain freshness of a morning and the sun has lost its harshness. It’s still warm enough for shorts and short sleeves after 10am but it doesn’t roast you alive.  I managed to get out on a ride on my mountain bike before going into work this morning on Brushy Peak.  We have just had a few days of rain  but Brushy Peak dries very quickly so the going was pleasantly soft and not a muddy quagmire. I definitely felt the drag on the up hills but the down hills were altogether more pleasurable. Temperatures were perfect  apart from on the long climb up the peak itself where I began to boil over due to the lack of cooling breeze.

I am sad to say the Brushy peak single track has not fared so good over this past year and it is now pretty rocky and technical in places.  You certainly need to have you wits about you both climbing and descending. There is going to come a time when the current Strava records simply won’t be achievable.  I even had to walk a short section on the front face of the peak which I have never had to do before and this certainly hurt my time.

Strava Ride data

It was a pretty good day for Strava KOM’s and I managed to bag two of them despite the soft going under wheel.

New Strava KOM’s:

Laughlin Ranch Climb Anti-Clock

Brushy Peak Anti-Clock Singletrack to Top

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