Altamont Pass : Bacchetta

It was an unusual day on the Altamont Pass today as there was a moderate headwind on the way out.  I was feeling pretty mellow so I rode at my century pace until I realized that I was making pretty good time and might be up for a KOM on the way back.  I pushed pretty hard on the return leg, especially on the climbs, and but still not full on race pace. The strange thing was that the wind seemed to have shifted direction on the way back and it wasnt as fast as I had hoped for. The wind can toggle direction around noon this time of year so perhaps that was what was happening. I still managed to set a new personal best time for the East – West Direction of the pass.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous for a ride today and the Bacchetta felt really good. I really should have been out practising on my TT bike for next weeks club championships but I really couldnt face it.

Course : Altamont Pass
Bike : Bacchetta Corsa
P.B. : (Road Bike) 0h52m41s (6/30/2011) Trek TTX 9.5
P.B. (Recumbent): 53m35s (9/2/2011) Bacchetta Corsa SS
P.B. (Recumbent Trike) : 1h00m45s (5/15/2010) Catrike 700

Distance: 19.18 miles

MPH: Av= 21.3, Max= 40.5
BPM: Av= 137, Max= 164
Climb: 783ft

The tailwind helped me to set a new Strava KOM for the Altamont East-West direction.

Altamont Pass East –  West

Strava Data

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