Shakedown on the Trek with Tri-Bars : Trek 5500

I planned on October being a battery recharge month for me where I don’t really worry about any sort of serious speed work.  I have upped the mileage quite a bit but not really opened up the engine much.  Last time I rode hard on the IC3 Sunday morning ride I really struggled to be competitive. Events like the low key hill climbs on the trike are low pressure fun events where my overall position isn’t really important and I class these as recreation even though they are hard.

There is one problem with my plan for October and that is my clubs championships on the 22nd of October.  The championships consist of a Time Trial on Calaveras, a hill climb on Palomares and finally match sprints. Earlier in the year, the Time Trial was a major personal goal for me but circumstances have been such that I haven’t done any sort of competitive time trialing for a few months (I missed the last two Putah Creek due to work and travel).

With my lack of any sort of speed work I was very reluctant to sign up for the TT. I hate the thought of going out to the TT and doing a really bad time on the Calaveras course. It has happened to me before, once for the FFBC boxing day 10 (December 26th) where I did a dreadful time and got well beaten by team mates and secondly for this year’s Calaveras 10 where I raced after a chest infection and did a very disappointing time.  Time Trialing is my thing and I would hate to do a really crap performance. I still smart over how bad my time was on that Boxing day.

On Wednesday night I decided to sign up for the TT and the hill climb. The format of the event is such that the Hill Climb goes first and then the 8.2 mile TT.  I had to decide on which bike to ride that would be best for both events. Ideally my Specialized Tarmac for the Hillclimb and my Trek TT bike for the Time trial. I decided to ride on my Trek road bike with clip-ons for both events. It will be a bit heavy for the hillclimb and slower on the TT but hopefully good enough for both.

This morning I went out for a shakedown on the Trek with the tri-bars on my X-WIND TT course and it was horrible. The wind wasn’t really that bad but I couldn’t seem to hold any sort of decent pace and the TT position really didn’t feel right at all. Due to road works I couldn’t do the full 10 mile course which considering how badly I was going was a real blessing.  This leaves me in an uncomfortable position. Do I ride anyways and have everyone in the club think I am a crap at time trials or do I do the Low Key hill climb on my trike instead ? Matters are made worse by a couple of my team mates being on absolutely blazing form judging by their Strava KOM’s and PR’s.

I have to decide this evening…… this space

Strava Ride Report

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