IC3 Club Championships

Today was the day of my club championships which consists of a Mass start Hill Climb, A 8 Mile TT and 200m Match sprints. there is also an overall omnium prize for the person with the best scores in all 3.  I hedged my bets by using one bike for all the events (A Trek 5500 road bike with clip on aero bars).  The gearing wasn’t ideal for the hill climb and it was a bit porky in the weight department and it just had regular wheels for the TT. A good compromise I thought.

Event 1: The Hill Climb up Calaveras.

The ride out to the start of the climb was brisk and I was struggling a little bit to keep up but I had plenty of time to recover before the climb itself. One guy from our club set off at a blazing pace and by the end of the first mile there were 3 of us off the front of the main group.  I rode behind or to the side of the strong guy hoping he didn’t up the pace any more. I was reluctant to pull through as I was a bit worried about blowing up or being in a disadvantaged position for attacks or the final sprint. I went to the the front for about 1/2 a mile and kept the pace reasonable but made sure I wasn’t on the front for the final  1K to the top. It crossed my mind to attack as my sprinting isn’t very good  but in the end I left it to the last 200m and managed to get a gap and the victory. I was really surprised to get the win.

Event 2 : The Time Trial.

I came into this event as the favorite but I knew from my practice on Thursday that I wasn’t on good time trial form at all. I set off a little too hard and didn’t really get into any sort of a rhythm. My legs were hurting from the hill climb and I really wasn’t comfortable at all on the aero bars (way too stretched out). I looked down at my speed and started to get a bit worried that I was on for another Calaveras embarrassment.  I dug very deep into the resources on the return leg hoping that other people were hurting as bad as me.  On the day on that bike I simply could not have gone any harder. I ended up winning the TT  as fastest IC3 rider (there was one non-club rider on a time trial bike that beat me).

Event 3 : Match Sprints

This was an event that I initially planned on missing. 200m standing start head to head sprinting isn’t my idea of fun.  I adopted a leg speed sprinting approach and managed to get through my heats into the final where I was beaten by about 12″ for second place. My legs were absolutely toasted at the end.


Two first places and a second were good enough to give me the overall victory for the club championships. I was really really pleased with the outcome and drove home with a huge smile on my face.

It was an absolutely fantastic day of events in glorious sunshine.

Strava Ride report

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