IC3 Sunday Morning Blast : Lemond Ti

My legs were a bit sore from from yesterdays recumbent hill climbing workout but the sore legs didn’t translate over to my regular road bike so I was feeling pretty good. It was a bit cool when we set off at 7am but things soon warmed up and turned into an absolutely gorgeous day.  There was a big group and the pace was nice and mellow until we got to Collier Canyon where the pace picked up. I wasn’t really in the mood for hammering today so I just followed wheels and pulled through at a steady pace when it was my turn. I didn’t really contest the sprint at the top but still put in a hard effort to get the heart rate up and crested in 2nd place.  I actually hit my maximum heart rate of 186 in the effort.

I didn’t really have any plans to contest the highland hot spot sprint but when my fellow Livermoron, Rich,  gave me a fantastic lead out I couldn’t resist pipping our resident Cipollini for the sprint.  I actually got my first ever win on that hotspot and didn’t really have to try to hard whereas I am normally thrashing myself senseless for the victory.  Thanks Rich. To be fair a win in the off season doesnt really count for much 🙂

The final session of the ride was a nice single file 30MPH pace line wheel sucking a Specialized junior rider on his new TT bike. Nice and fast and a nice way to round off the ride.

After a coffee at Tully’s I made my way back home to Livermore via a nice scenic route  and at a nice steady pace. It was absolutely perfect riding weather and the miles just melted away.  Its interesting to note that riding at a brisk pace up the “Cross Road Climb” on my Lemond I averaged 14.1 MPH and 149bpm for a time of 7m08s which compares to my effort on the Bacchetta yesterday where I was managed an average speed of 12,9MPH and an average pulse of 138BPM (7m47s).  To be honest I think the wind was a bit harder yesterday but the effort is pretty similar (recumbent pulse is normally about 10 less than my regular pulse rate) and  it does illustrate the gulf between my recumbent and regular bike climbing abilities.

It was a really nice 50 mile ride with only 1700ft of climbing.

Strava Ride Report

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