Another Hill Workout on The Bacchetta

Entries opened up for the Death Valley Spring double this morning.  In past years this event has sold out in the first hour but this morning I managed to get in without problems some one and a half hours after the registration went live (the recession ?). I was pretty competitive when I rode it on the Bacchetta back in 2010 with a 6th place and a time of 11h20m and I am hoping to repeat that in 2012.  I might ride it on the Musashi instead of the Bacchetta just to get it’s first double under it’s belt. I have no idea yet just what the performance difference will be between the two bents but on paper the Musashi is 3-4 pounds  heavier than my Corsa. The Musashi should arrive before the end of November.

After my rather disappointing hill workout session on the Corsa on Saturday I decided to have another go over my lunch hour today. I just went for two hills today but I also rode pretty hard on the bits in between so it was a really good workout. I really pushed hard on the “Cross Road Climb” and it was a headwind again just like at the weekend.   I was a whole minute faster today than Saturday but I really hammered with an average pulse of 162bpm (138bpm  Saturday) and a maximum of 175bpm (146bpm Saturday) which is pretty close to my recumbent max.

The second climb was the much more difficult Flynn Road and I also rode this one hard. I was nearly 4 minutes quicker than Saturday and I hit 175bpm on the steep section. This one really hurt but it was a good hurt and I felt as if I was getting some bent climbing legs back.

It was a really good quality hour long workout and another really nice day to ride.

Strava Ride Report

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