Velo Genesis Seat Clamps

Velo Genesis seat stayclamps:

I have read a lot of good things about the Velo Genesis Seat Clamps for the Bacchetta Corsa but a little part of me was reluctant to part with $24 for two very small lumps of aluminum.  I eventually broke down and ordered a pair and boy am I glad I did.

The seat clamps replace the “grenade pins” on the adjustable risers that control the angle of the seat and have two great advantages. Firstly there are no pins to rattle on bumpy roads or chip seal which means you have a quieter ride and secondly they remove the play between the two riser segments so that the seat is much more firmly supported (this also prevents the two riser halves from rattling too).

The result was very noticeable to me and it transformed my Corsa into a quieter and more solid feeling beast. I doubt if there is a significant increase in performance but the bike felt as if I was getting more power down on the climbs. This upgrade and the foam pad seat cover are both highly recommended upgrades for the Corsa SS with a carbon seat.

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