A Musashi Enters The Stable

A new steed has joined my stable “THE CATBIKE MUSASHI”. This will hopefully be my new double century bike and it will replace the Catrike 700 which I will be putting up for sale soon.

The New Steed:

I have already upgraded the pedals to some very nice matching Candy 2’s.

I also upgraded the handlebars to some Bacchetta items as I found these to be much more comfortable.

Zach Kaplan and myself simply could not get the supplied front brake to work so we swapped it out for a Bacchetta item which works very nicely.

I went out for my first ride today. It doesn’t feel as quick as my my Corsa but it is nice and stable and handles the bumps very well. I need to get a lot more rides in before I can form any real opinions but it is certainly fast down hill. All is not well in the Musashi camp though. When I use the big ring the chain tube rattles like mad which is very annoying and something I have to fix.

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4 thoughts on “A Musashi Enters The Stable

  1. MARK

    That is one great looking Musashi. The orange color looks great. I was wondering why you are selling your Catrike 700? From looking at your videos of the hill climb, you are very fast on the 700. Could you comment on the decision to switch…especially since you have a Corsa in the stable. I would be very interested in your thoughts. Thank you, Mark

    • I don’t really ride the trike anymore. In the past few years I have only ridden it on the odd hill climb or TT. I have probably only done 300 miles on it in the last 2 years. I simply don’t have the room to keep it.

  2. trplay

    Really sorry to hear about the accident. If you are going to insist on using the chain tube consider flaring out the ends (both) . It really does make a difference. It can be done several ways. I like to put the tube ends in boiling water and then stick them in a flared object. It will cool down by itself but I will run cold water over it with the object still inside.

  3. R8

    Great blog & congratulations on the new bike!

    Thank you VERY much for posting comparison PB times for different bikes/trikes on the same ride. Great idea!

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