Crash Bang Wallop……oh dear

I bought my Musashi based upon reports of its rather good low speed stability and it closeness to the ground. I simply don’t feel safe or comfortable on the really steep stuff on the Bacchetta.  For it’s second ride I attempted my steepest local climb, a climb I would not dream of attempting on the Bacchetta,  with hope in my heart. The good news is the Musashi is rock solid stable even on the steepest stuff and I felt entirely safe and in control. The bad news is due to its weight I am going to need a bit lower bottom gear for some of the really steep stuff in the doubles I plan to ride on it.

I managed to get up the wall (steepest part of the climb) on Morgan Territories from the South side ok but my leg speed was more labored than I would have liked (at around 4-5MPH). After a week off the bike with a cold I know I am not on the best form at the moment but I feel on double centuries lower gearing would be a godsend.

You are probably reading this wondering about the blog posting title, well….

On the way home on a perfectly straight section of road I was trying to figure out why my chain tube was so noisy and happened to notice I could see my drive train in my shadow. I was watching it to see if there were any obvious signs of chain issues when I dropped off the side of the road into the rocks and gravel and had a 20MPH low side crash.  Fortunately the Musashi only suffered some scratches on the left hand brake lever, gear shifter, pedal  and a bit of scuffing on the seat base but I on the other hand did not fare as well.  The 2″ lumps of granite lining the side of the road gave me some nasty road rash on my arms and a rather more delicate region.

I am gutted to have scratched up my moose on his first day of riding 😦

The Damage to the Moose  – I cant show pictures of the damage to me as it would make my blog X rated 🙂

A Bit of Scuffing On the Seat (My bum took most of the impact)

Shifter and brake damage not too bad (my elbow took most of the fall):

Nice New Pedals a bit grazed

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4 thoughts on “Crash Bang Wallop……oh dear

  1. trplay

    You look like you changed out the stock front brakes. Can you give any details? Hope you are healing quickly.

    • The front brake that was shipped with my Musashi only had one mounting hole unlike many of the pictures I have seen of other Musashi’s where there were two holes. Only the upper hole was present which meant that when the brake was installed the brake pads could not be adjusted to make proper contact with the rims (a major braking concern). On all the pictures I have seen of other Musashi’s they have the brakes installed using the lower hole (which my brake didn’t have).
      Even more worrying was that if the brake was mounted in the upper hole the clearance between the top of the tire and the brake arms was tiny ( a few mm) and if for any reason the front brake cable stretched or snapped the brake would actually jam the front wheel solid.
      Catrike were good enough to refund me the money for the front brake which I put towards an X eyed brake that fits perfectly. My dealer Zack Kaplan did a great job of sorting this issue out for me and I am happy with my Musashi’s braking performance.

      • noses.

        The “standard” brake is a TRP 925 which doesn’t even deserve being called a brake at all. There are at least three versions of the 925 with different mounting options. I’m still looking for a usable replacement and I’m even considering a Magura RM 8 TT hydraulic caliper brake if that will help me to survive…

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