Getting Ready For The Mega Monster

The Mega Monster Enduro is just a couple of weeks away so I spent the morning converting my Bacchetta into time trial mode to get in some practice for it. I fitted the disk cover on the back and my new (well new to me) Hed 3 on the front.  I took it for a test ride afterwards and even though it was pretty windy the bike felt stable.   The only time I really felt the sail effect of the HED3 was on one very windy corner.

The biggest thing I need to work on before the Enduro is getting the engine running properly. I have had a dramatic loss of form in January that I just cant figure out. I am pretty sure I am not over training (although I really did go a bit mad on my week off over Christmas with 8 hard days without a rest day) so perhaps I am under resting.   My office was hit badly by flu bugs and many people have been off sick but I just seem to have got the odd sore throat and sniffles.

The other thing I have been doing differently this year is training pretty much equally between road and recumbent bikes rather than concentrating on one discipline.  It seems that doing this is making me slower at both but I hope to see dividends later on in the year.  My road bike riding has suffered the worst.

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