Am I a Distance Rider ?

There is a thread on BROL discussing what earns a person the label “Distance Rider”. I certainly don’t class myself as such a person even though I ride double centuries and other fairly long distance events and manage to get pretty good results too. The truth is that in normal life I am happiest riding  less than 60 miles as fast as I  can. This is not say that I don’t enjoy the challenge of longer rides but all I can think about when I ride them is to finish them as quickly as possible.

I have a huge amount of respect for people that can ride double centuries , taking in the scenery and spending long times at rest stops, ending up being happy just to finish within the 20 hour time limit. After all, they are having to spend perhaps as much as 8 hours more on the road than I usually do. I have several friends that fall into this category and they all put in way more preparation miles than I do. Weeks before the event they are turning out 130mile plus climbing extravaganzas and such like whilst I am going out for a 60 mile hammer with my race team or one of the local fast rides. These people are distance riders. I rarely ride over 100 miles when training for doubles.

I have another friend that I definitely class as a distance rider and that rider is Bill Brier. Bill rides miles that  I simply couldn’t contemplate and he rides them fast. He can seem to ride 100+ miles whenever he feels like it with amazing regularity.  He won the California Triple Crown stage race a few years back and was second in the recent Strava base mile blast with 2336 miles in 26 days and he can ride me into the ground on a double century.

Ok then, I am not a Distance rider but what am I ?  I think I am an obsessive that puts quality miles way ahead of  volume of miles. I ride pretty much every day regardless of the weather and the only things that stop me riding are bad sickness or business travel.  Every time I ride I have little goals in my head for what I want to achieve and when I am riding with a Garmin GPS I am a complete slave to Strava.  I have quite a few KOM’s to prove it and I blame it for me getting burnt out so early in the year :+) See Link here.

I love riding off road and I am not a slave to any one type of bike. I am just as happy mixing it up in a road race as I am flying round a track on a recumbent trike or hammering away on a 200 miler in Death Valley. I have pretty much competed in every type of bike racing you can think of including  some racing in World cup mountain bike events.

So I am not a distance rider but I reckon I could safely call myself an all rounder.

Mega Monster News:

Two days to the mega monster and I had my last shakedown ride on the Bacchetta today. I had to ditch the HED 3 front wheel as I discovered the bearings were totally shot but the stock wheel still feels plenty fast enough. I have had an easy week as I totally killed my knees on Sunday trying to keep up with the FFBC race team on my 42×18 fixed gear cyclo cross bike (more information on why I was doing such a stupid thing to follow soon).  They are still really sore but getting better.  A light spin tomorrow should hopefully help.

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