Beat The Clock 2/18/2012: Single Speed Merckx Men : Part 2

Part 2: The Race Itself:


When we got to the start the temps were not too bad (about 50f) but there was a stiff wind blowing for the outward leg. A headwind out was the best thing for me as I was going to be spinning out on the predominantly down hill leg.  I had a nice warmup ride down towards Woodside and felt pretty good.

[My Chosen Steed – The Masi Single Speed CX]

The race itself went to plan but I was seriously under geared on the down hill sections. I got up to about 29MPH and was bouncing up and down desperately trying to not loose any speed. I felt pretty good into the wind and managed to catch a rider or two. The hardest section on the way out was the last half mile before the turn where I got a bit concerned about my average speed. I knew I was going well as my recumbent 2 minute man (Phil Plath)  hadn’t caught me yet and by the turn I was well up on record pace.

Phil Caught me just after the turn and I just rode as hard as I could but he flew away from me. I got caught by a tandem and another Merckx rider but it was really hard to keep the power down on the downhill tailwind sections and they simply flew away from me.  I managed to catch a few people  on the last climb before the finish and buried myself to get the record with a time of 27m20s and an average speed of 22MPH.

[Happy after the race]

It was a hard effort but I probably enjoyed this time trial more than any I have ridden in the last 20 years. There is a certain purity about having to concentrate on nothing but pedaling fast. I don’t think I could have gone much faster on my current setup especially with a 42 x 16.

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