Getting Ready for the Death Valley Double

I put a nice new Ultremo ZX in matching orange on the moose today together with a Mavic wheel.  Every little bit of weight saving will help on that monster climb out of Death Valley.   It ran very nice with the new setup.

I am still not sure what to expect in terms of performance from the Musashi over 200 miles. The longest I have ridden it is less than 100 miles and  I just hope it is comfortable enough for the long haul.

It’s hard to say what my goal is for this event as I don’t really have much of a feel for how the Musashi will perform. I hope it will be quicker than my best time on a road bike but I doubt it will be close to the time on the Bacchetta. I would like to finish before dark if at all possible and my stretch goal is to beat 12 hours.

My best results:

  1. 2010 : Bacchetta Corsa Recumbent  : 11h20m (6th Place)
  2. 2009: Lemond Titanium : 11h49m (10th Place)
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2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for the Death Valley Double

  1. trplay

    Relax the Moose will hang in there just fine. Did you get the noise straightened out? Noise is friction and its not normal. It will be nice when the ZX 451 tire is available. Looking forward to seeing your results.

    • I am planning on sorting the noise out when I upgrade the drive train for the Devil Mountain Double. The wind noise will probably drown out any drive train rattles 🙂

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