Moose vs Barry

Musashi (Moose) vs Bacchetta (Barry):

I wasn’t really expecting the Moose to be as quick as the Bacchetta on the Death valley Double but I was surprised at where the differences occurred:

The above kind of confusing plot is the elevation offset by a few hundred feet (for clarity) between the Musashi (Blue) and the Bacchetta (Pink) shown with respect to time. What it shows is that for the first two hours the speed difference between the two platforms was negligible but by the top of the first climb the Bacchetta is already starting to pull away. The most dramatic time loss is after Badwater where I really seemed to lose my mojo.

  • Ashford Mills: 2H5m M – 2H5m B (Difference 0)
  • Jubilee Pass: 2H52m M – 2H47m B (Difference +5 mins)
  • Salsberry Pass: 3H53m M – 3H48m B (Difference +5 mins)
  • Shoshone RS: 4H27m M – 4H17m B (Difference +10 mins)
  • Salsberry Pass: 5H33m M – 5h21m B (Difference +13 mins) *Bathroom Break for Musashi.
  • Jubilee Pass: 5H57m M – 5H43m B (Difference +14 minutes)
  • Ashford Mills: 6H17m M – 6H02m B (Difference +15 minutes)
  • Badwater RS: 7H41 M – 7H29m B (Difference +12 minutes) *Bathroom Break Bacchetta
  • Stovepipe Wells RS: 10H17m M – 9H55m B (Difference +22 minutes)
  • Finish: 11H48m M – 11H19m B (Difference +29 minutes)

M = Musashi
B = Bacchetta
RS = Rest Stop where I Stopped

There are two many variables involved to really highlight the differences between the two steeds.  How was the engine on the two days and how was the weather different between 2010 and 2012? I personally think the wind was worse this year (especially from Badwater to Stovepipe Wells) and I honestly don’t know about the engine. My Mega Monster Enduro result would indicate I am quicker in 2012.

Nothing too serious in any of the above but its the kind of fun thing that an engineer like me gets a kick out of. I must say that I really didn’t ride the Moose enough in February to give it a fair chance (see a few posts below)

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