Mad As A Box of Spiders

Time Trial Season is here…..

After the grueling Death Valley double I have been feeling a little under the weather and finding it hard to focus on my goal for March which is the Woodbridge TT (March 24th). I have dusted off the Trek TTX TT bike and I have started trying to get some speed back into my legs for the start of the Time Trial season but it isn’t coming easy. I feel like I am way down on where I was this time last year and blame riding recumbent and doing the endurance stuff. This time last year I had already had a couple of open TT’s under my belt and was ramping up to some good form but this year I seem to be tiring very quickly and not have any top end. I have been getting some encouraging times on Strava this week on the TT bike so I hope I am coming onto form.

My season goal is the same as last year and that is to crack 27MPH on Putah Creek (didn’t manage it last year by about 0.1MPH).

3 Wheels on the Devil Mountain Double…….

I have decided to do endurance races on my recumbent and short distance time trials on my TT bikes this year which must raise questions about the state of my mental health. It is pretty crazy trying to train for 200 mile plus monster hilly events and ten mile time trials but it does add some much needed variety into my life.  My next endurance event is the Devil Mountain Double (DMD) on the 28th April.  In a moment of madness I have decided to dust off my Catrike 700 and use this for DMD. To the best of my knowledge no-one has completed DMD on such a mode of transport (for good reason) and I think it will be an enormous challenge.

I think it should be possible to meet the time limits on the trike but it is likely to be one of the hardest things I have ever attempted. My only other double century on the Catrike was in Death Valley back in 2009 and I barely completed that (see my report here) but I am far more experienced at nursing my body on doubles nowadays.

I do need to work on a few things before April 28th in terms of comfort and water bottle placement but other than that I am riding the trike entirely stock.  On one of my shakedown rides I was quite surprised that my time up my Del Valle benchmark climb was not that far off my other recumbents. Training wise I am just going to concentrate on climbing over the roads used by DMD but I don’t plan on doing any huge rides as this will interfere with my other goals. If I can break 9 minutes up Del Valle I know I will be ready 🙂

Personal bests by platform:

Mountain Biking too…..

This year I also wanted to ride the Tahoe 100 mountain bike race (California’s Leadville equivalent) but all of the qualifying events clash with business travel so I can’t. I have decided to come out of mountain bike retirement anyways and have entered the Napa Valley Dirt Classic on the 15th April. Apart from one attempt at the Sea Otter XC back in the late nineties (see pictures below) I have been retired from Mountain Biking for over 15 years but I still have a certain fondness for it.  I don’t really have the technical skills to be competitive but I believe I have better endurance now.  I also do a significant portion of my training off road so it seems mad not to race there too.

Some Sea Otter Pictures:


Very Old days When I was Racing in the Expert Mountain Bike Category:

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One thought on “Mad As A Box of Spiders

  1. noses.

    Forget the bottles on the Catrike and use a bag instead. This was working quite well on my Speed.

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