Lodi TT – Masters 35+ 4/5

Lodi Individual Time Trial :

  • Position: 2nd
  • Field : 28 (I think 40 were registered)
  • Time:  26m08s
  • Weather: 48f but it felt much colder. Moderate winds and overcast but the forecast rain stayed away.
  • Course : The TT course was an out and back flat 11 mile route on rural farm roads with virtually no traffic.  The race headquarters itself was in a manure farm (I am not kidding, see picture below).  Notice how cold everyone looks.
  • Official Results: Here

Official course Description:

Out and back a total of 11.5 miles on Woodbridge Road, just west of I-5. Almost completely flat and straight levee road, fairly good surface with a few potholes, passes wildlife refuge and hunting club.

The Race:

The outward leg was really windy and this coupled with bumpy (but not rough) roads made it hard work.  I suffered on the way out in the hope that it would be easy on the way back but the return leg was still hard and the huge tail wind I was hoping for never seemed to be there.  I caught a couple of people during the race and getting past involved having to go on the wrong side of the center line as everyone was hogging the middle of the road to try to find smooth pavement.  Fortunately the roads had almost zero traffic so this wasn’t a problem. It was definitely faster on the way home but I had to dig deep. I don’t normally go very well at all in the cold (I have become a California softy) but managed to keep the hammer down and meter out my effort today so that I was on empty as I crossed the line.  I was very pleased to get 2nd place just 8 seconds down on the winner.  The prize purse for this event was a percentage of the number of registered riders so as my field was the biggest (about 40 riders registered) I got $55 for second place which is the most I have ever got in a bike race (Starbucks were on me on the way home!).

To round off an excellent day, my wife Sandra won the Womens 4 event just to do one better than me.

Despite the cold I really enjoyed this event and would definitely ride it again. The volunteers were all friendly and the event ran very smoothly. My only criticism was the lack of someone to hold you up at the start which I think is a must for time trials (I am never very good at getting clipped in quickly). The fine aromas of silage worked as a powerful expectorant to clear the lungs and nasal passages.

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