Beat The Clock TT – 4/7/2012

Something has gone insane with California’s weather. The last thing I expected to be doing this morning at 6am was scraping ice of my windscreen.  I don’t do cold anymore, I moved from Britain hoping for warm California sunshine and although I quickly figured things could get a bit chilly at times, this was the first frost in April I have encountered. The temperature gauge on the car was reading only 31f so rather than a skinsuit for this mornings time trial I opted for Thermal Jacket, Tights and gloves and boy was I glad I did.

When we arrived at Canada road near woodside the temperature had rocketed up to 35f 🙂

I was trying to beat my trike record for the 10 mile TT course today which  stood at  27:48  set back on 7/19/2008 but the weather was not going to make things easy.  Normally when I try to ride time trials in cold air I end up with a crap time and bronchitis so I made sure I was wrapped up like the last turkey in the shop.

This week has been a hard week for me as I have been putting in some really strenous efforts to boost my fitness for the DMD at the end of the month. Tuesday I went out on the noon crit hammerfest on my Trek 5500 and put in a few really hard attacks just to make things hurt even more. Wednesday was the chilly Putah Creek TT on the trike which left me with very sore legs the next morning. Thursday I did my Altamont Loop on the trike  with nasty headwinds and despite sore legs managed to break the hour and do a new Trike p.b. That was three very hard days in a row with just a steady ride on Friday to recover.

It wasn’t surprising that my legs felt a bit fatigued on the warm up and it was an ache that wouldn’t go away in the race itself.  The wind was light today and if it wasn’t for the cold temps I would have said it was definitely a day you could get a personal best on. Despite setting off at a controlled pace and not really driving that hard I ended up with tired feeling legs for the whole thing. I ignored my legs and just concentrated on keeping a good cadence and not panicking on the hills.  On this course it can be quite demoralizing to see your speed drop so much on the hills but if you attack them too hard I reckon it hurts your overall time.

My minute man was Phil Plath on a loaned Nocom carbon fiber low racer so I had no chance of getting close to him,  especially as he seemed to be absolutely flying. This meant I didn’t really have any carrots to chase and I was only caught by a two man team on the way back so it was a lonely TT.

I was a bit disappointed with my speed on the mainly uphill return leg but I still managed to pull off a personal best for the course in a time of 27m11s.  Doing that time really hurt but I reckon I can crack 27 minutes this year once things warm up.  It was a new Recumbent trike for record for the course but it is a bit of a hollow achievement as no other trikes seem to want to challenge it. Phil Plath managed to set a fantastic time of 23mo4s on the Nocom which puts him ahead of me in the Unfaired recumbent records. No idea how I can get that one back.

Link to Results

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