Musashi Fights back

I found it hard to believe that the Catrike 700 was faster up the Del Valle climb so I did exactly the same ride again today on the Musashi. The weather was just about the same although it might have been a few degrees cooler today. From my seat of my lycra shorts I thought the Musashi wasn’t any quicker and the climb felt harder, but the clock doesn’t lie. The Musashi came home with a time of 9:03s which was 38 seconds quicker than the trike.

I ended up with a few Strava p.b’s for the day which was quite a suprise but the Musashi is no slouch. My favorite quote of the day when I passed some cyclists on the climb out of the park “That thing must be electric assist” 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Musashi Fights back

  1. trplay

    Yes, I was stunned when you first posted those results. My personal experiences between my 700 and Moose show no question the moose is considerably faster. You had me thinking perhaps I had a toe-in or other problem with the 700. Did you ever sort out the noise issue on the Musashi?

  2. I find the Catrike 700 starts losing out to my two wheeled recumbents at speeds over 20MPH. The aero and 3 wheel losses start having a bigger impact the faster you go. I have found in Time Trials the Catrike goes great into the wind but I lose loads of time in the tailwind sections.
    I thought the hot weather might clear up the drive train noise on the Moose but its still as annoying as ever. I plan on having a go when I upgrade the drive train.
    What happened to your blog ?

  3. trplay

    BSP you are the only real Moose rider that is actually out there racing. Whether you like it or not you are carrying all of us wanna-bees on your back. The Moose does not have to be noisy. This might be robbing you of performance. My wild guess is the noise begins at the chain tube. My tube has been removed for 1,000’s of miles, it does not hit the fork. If that is a concern put some tape on your fork and give it a try. I also believe a skirt on the sides gives a boost at higher speeds. Good luck with the DVC.

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