PCSD#4: Musashi

The Devil Mountain Double really took a lot out of me and I have been pretty sick since riding it. I either picked up a bug during it or my tired state allowed an existing one to take hold, Despite feeling very rough, I made a last minute decision to ride PCSD#4 as my wife was going anyways.  My choice of the word “ride” is deliberate as I didn’t think I would be able to “race” it.  My chosen weapon for the night was my Catbike Musashi recumbent, which is entirely stock with no sort of aerodynamic tweaks, and I chose to wear mountain bike shoes, no skinsuit and a regular helmet.

It was another really windy night again with a nasty crosswind on the start/finish straight. It was generally easier on the way back but definitely not a very fast night for me. On the warmup I didn’t feel as bad as I thought I would but I was definitely not firing on all cylinders. My race jersey was flapping badly in the wind so I went back to the car and pinned it down to attempt to make it more aerodynamic but it was still flapping under my chin (see picture above).

In the race I set off as if I was at 100% fitness and was OK for the first mile but I fatigued very quickly.  The time trial became a a bit of a grind and I couldn’t really push as hard as  I normally do. The two 90 degree corners were very gravelly and I took great care but I am surprised no-one went down on them.  I was pushing 27 MPH plus on the way back at times and the Musashi felt really good but I didn’t have the legs to get 30MPH.  It just felt like I was running on 6 cylinders rather than 8. I got a bit upset that someone did a U turn at the finish in front of me which forced me to have to brake before the line but I feel bad for shouting at him.  I ended up with a time of 23m31s which is my second slowest time ever on Putah Creek (on two wheels) but not untypical for the week after a double. Last year I did a PCSD the week after the Terrible Two and did 23m25s.

I think the Musashi has promise and I plan to have another attempt on it when I am a not so under the weather.  Considering how run down I felt and the lack of aero equipment the time wasnt actually that bad. Next morning I was too sick to ride my bike 🙂

Link To Official Results. (http://www.zensurweb.com/bikes/davis_time_trial_05_02_2012_overall_results.pdf)

  • Result: 35th : 23:31 (25.51MPH)
  • Winner: Craig Roemer :20:33 : (29.22MPH)
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One thought on “PCSD#4: Musashi

  1. Paul

    i have a musashi as well. great to see another rider!

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