PCSD#6: Trek TTX: New Personal Best

I was a bit tired and congested after Dunlap so I had easy days on Monday and Tuesday so that I would be fresh for Putah.   I felt good on the warmup and was pleased to see that there really wasn’t that much wind.  What wind there was  on the course was blowing from the North (unusual) and it was hard to say if the outward or inbound leg was faster. It was pretty warm (Mid eighties) and it was dry and a bit hard on the old lungs.

I was feeling quite confident after Dunlap and was hoping I could transfer a similar pacing strategy to Putah Creek. I didn’t worry too much about speed or heart rate and concentrated instead on a constant level of effort.  Just like in the warmup there were sections that felt fast on the way out and on the way back so that meant it was hard both ways. I caught a few people on the way out but wasn’t caught by any of the fast guys until the last mile. Getting caught with a mile to go can be demoralizing but in this case it helped me to concentrate on absolutely hammering myself. I crossed the line in a new personal best of 22m06s with very dry mouth and throat.

I was a little disappointed not to beat 22 minutes but I dont think  I could have gone any faster on the night. There are a 3 areas on the Putah course where I lose time and that is the three corners. I don’t think I could take the actual corners any faster (In a safe manner) but accelerating out of them feels like a big weakness to me. I feel it takes me too long to get back up to speed. The last 90 degree corner with about 3.5 to go always knocks the stuffing out of me. My lungs felt terrible after the event and my sinuses were in a mess from the pollen in the air. I was coughing and snuffling like an old tramp all the way home.  I sometimes feel that using a nose strip helps when you are congested and racing but there is a big payback for all that unfiltered air later.

It was good to see three of my recumbent buddies out there tonight and they all looked fast.

Link to Photographs

  • Time : 22m06s (27.15MPH)
  • Result: 12/65
  • Position : 12th
  • Winner: Greg Thomas: Recumbent (19:23)

Link to official results

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